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Security System Leasing in Luton

Security system leasing in Luton is a service we can provide to customers that wish to improve their security through a flexible payment plan that allows them to receive effective security immediately rather than paying a lump sum, as we understand this is not possible most of the time. The vast majority of commercial customers opt for a leasing option as they can immediately receive the equipment and receive a high-quality service that maintains the security of your property. Therefore, leasing is an approach worth considering if you wish to remain up to date when protecting your site from malicious intent.

A leasing option is available for all of our security services, simplifying the process of installation via straightforward direct debit payments, while we take care of the rest. Security system leasing in Luton allows you to focus on your work without the need to worry about maintenance and device obsolescence. System upgrades are available as part of the leasing plan, meaning you can have the latest technology as soon as it releases, therefore your security is never compromised over time.

Security System Leasing in Luton is an increasingly popular choice for businesses, as it simplifies the budgeting process and decrease the strain on cash flow management. Security service leasing comes in the form of monthly payments that are fixed regardless of changes in interest rates, as a result there are no nasty surprises when it comes to budgeting. Furthermore, security system leasing makes the process of fitting security systems simpler, paperwork is taken care of for you and direct debit payments cuts down on processing time for payments.

Rather than facing the headache of organising the funds to purchase a full security system that may become obsolete over time which can become costly, consider the modern approach of leasing and we will provide you with a continuous service that ensures your equipment is fit for purpose.

We strive to make leasing our security systems in Luton as simple as possible, therefore if we have not answered any of your questions here, please do not hesitate to get in touch. Any questions or concerns you may have will be promptly answered by our team.

Lancashire Fire & Security Ltd

Here at Lancashire Fire & Security Ltd we provide a number of services which will help protect you, your family, your property or your business from fires or intruders.

We offer our services nationwide.

Our Services – 

Fire Safety –


  • Supply, install and maintain fire alarm systems
  • Fire Extinguishers Servicing & Installation
  • Fire Equipment Servicing & Installation
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Emergency lighting
  • Automatic gas suppression systems

Security & Property Services –


  • Supply, install and maintain CCTV – We are a certified installer for hik vision
  • Intruder Alarms – Certified by Texecon
  • TV Aerials


Care Home Safety Equipment –


  • Disabled refuge systems
  • Fire telephone systems
  • Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
  • Addressable Call Systems
  • Bed exit interface sockets
  • Room status controller


And many more, call us today for more information

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