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There are many different types of fire equipment to assist with the safety and protection in the event of a fire. The types of equipment range from fire safety blankets to escape ladders, all of which can be professionally installed in your home.

Fire blankets are one of the more compact methods of fire safety and can be installed in your home very easily by our professional team. Our fire blankets come in both soft and PVC packaging, in a range of different sizes. Both materials are just as effective as each other. A fire blanket cuts off the fire’s oxygen source, which is one of the 3 main elements that a fire needs to ignite and continue to burn. These fire blankets can be mounted onto the walls in your home and come with easily located straps to release the blanket in case of an emergency.

Fire equipment


Fire hoses are another popular piece of fire equipment; they do take up slightly more room but are just as effective. These hoses come in a range of sizes, so that the hose will always be in range of the fire. The material used to manufacture the hoses allows it to reach temperatures from -20°C to +60°C, and keep maximum performance levels even after any potential extended intervals. These fire hoses come in both durable cabinets, and fire retardant steel reels, which both allow easy access to the hoses in the event of a fire. The fire hoses also require instruction signs which should be visible at all times, in any conditions. These safety signs offer concise and easy to understand instructions, to ensure that no time is wasted in an emergency.

Another popular piece of fire equipment is the fire bucket and absorbent. The fire bucket comes in both metal and plastic and is usually kept outside, with the fire absorbent inside.This is to be used in the early stages of a fire. The absorbent within the fire retardant bucket is to be placed on top of the fire area in order to immediately extinguish the fire. Fire absorbents are more reliable than sand.

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  • Disabled refuge systems
  • Fire telephone systems
  • Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
  • Addressable Call Systems
  • Bed exit interface sockets
  • Room status controller



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