Fire Security For Offices & Workplaces

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What should you do if there is an office fire?

If you come across a fire in your office, the first thing to do is to raise the alarm so that everyone else can be notified that there is an emergency. Next, everyone should evacuate using predetermined escape routes to a predetermined assembly point, so that a register can be done to make sure that everybody has made it out safely. Finally, the emergency services should be called so that the fire can be dealt with professionally.

Who is responsible for workplace fire safety?

The responsibility for fire safety in the workplace falls on the shoulders of building owners or landlords, as well as the employer themselves. It is their job to make sure that all appropriate fire equipment is installed and regularly tested, and it is also their job to inform other members of staff of any fire escape routes or fire procedures, and make sure any relevant changes are reflected in the building’s fire risk assessment.

What should be included in fire safety training?

When giving fire safety training to employees, this should include basic fire prevention, such as housekeeping and smoking regulations. Furthermore, all employees should be briefed on fire safety plans, including any emergency procedures and escape routes. This should also be done via drills when possible – it is recommended to do so at least once a year. Fire safety training should also include awareness of PAT tested electrical points and appliances, and the danger of using personal devices.

How do you promote fire safety in the workplace?

The best way to promote fire safety in the workplace is to install appropriate fire safety equipment such as fire alarms, emergency lighting, proper signage, and extinguishers. Next, all employees should be made aware of your fire safety plan, including any fire procedures and emergency exit routes. Regular fire drills should be done at least once every year. Workplaces are required by law to have a fire risk assessment, and this should be regularly updated to include relevant changes.


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