Fire Security For Factories & Warehouses

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What is the biggest fire risk in a factory?

The biggest fire hazard when working in a factory is hot work such as welding or grinding, really anything that requires a dramatic increase in temperature. Not only can this type of work cause burns and other types of injuries, but the sparks from activities such as welding can fly up to 35 feet away, and have the potential to start fires wherever they land, if the area is not properly fireproofed.

How do we protect factories from fires?

The best way to protect your factory from any fires is to have appropriate fire safety equipment, such as extinguishers, alarms, and sprinklers. Important steps include a detailed risk assessment of the entire factory, with any identified risks being minimised, and making your staff fully aware of all fire safety procedures and exit routes, aided by drills and proper signage.

What is the biggest fire risk in a warehouse?

The biggest fire risk in warehouses, and the leading cause of fires in warehouses, are both electrical faults and failures. This includes problems in lighting equipment such as bulbs, fixtures and their power supplies, and electrical distribution, as well as electrical heating equipment such as space heaters, especially when the warehouse is storing flammable materials.

Do I need a fire alarm in my warehouse?

Yes. Fire alarms are required by law for any business that employs more than five people working in the same building, according to The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) 2005, as well as the BS 5839-1. Furthermore, if any of your staff are hard of hearing, alternative types of fire alarm must also be provided, as they may have major difficulty hearing the fire alarm in the first place.


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