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Fire Extinguishers Servicing & Installation is essential! Fire extinguishers are the most popular form of protection after smoke alarms, with every commercial building and some homes including them. To ensure the maximum amount of safety from fire extinguishers, they must be serviced and checked every 6 to 12 years, if they haven’t already been used and replaced.

Fire Extinguishers Servicing & Installation is a great step to take when improving the safety of your home or commercial property. It is advised to have a professional come and service your fire extinguishers, as it is a complicated process, and they need to be serviced accurately to make sure they are prepared for any potential use. The first thing that we need to check for is any sign of discharge or corrosion. Occurrence of either of these is enough to compromise the integrity of your fire extinguisher. If we find that a fire extinguisher has been used at all, we can fit a new one immediately. We check this by seeing if the tamper seal or the safety pin is still in its correct place and checking where the arrow is pointing on the pressure gauge, as it should be in the green area.

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The next step we take is to see if the instructions located on the extinguisher are still visible and readable, to ensure that in the case of an emergency, the person who is using the extinguisher, knows exactly how to use the safety equipment. We also check for any potential corrosion or blockage by simply removing the discharge hose to see if there is any visual blockage or damage. Our team of professionals also weigh your fire extinguishers and record the weight to check for any potential weight loss, and if the weight has decreased by 10%, we will recharge the extinguisher. Before we place the fire extinguisher back on the wall, we wipe the extinguisher to make sure it is clean and ready for use, and then we check the stand is mounted sturdily on the wall before placing it back on.

Installing a fire extinguisher is a procedure with only a few steps, but we still highly recommend hiring a professional to do so, as there are many things that need to be taken into consideration before installing your fire extinguisher. When it comes to fire safety, you should never cut corners. Always trust a professional to install and service your fire safety equipment.


Before Fire Extinguisher installation, we make sure that there is a clear area for your fire extinguisher to be installed. This area should not be blocked under any circumstances. Ideally, it must also be located near a door or large window, to ensure a safe escape route. The most popular areas for fire extinguishers to be installed are garages and kitchens, but we recommend having an extinguisher on each floor or your house.

Your fire extinguisher must be no less than 100mm up from the floor, with the top handle reaching no more than 1200mm from the floor, depending on the weight. The heavier the extinguisher, the higher up it should be placed, to allow easier access in the event of an emergency.

There are 2 types of wall hooks that we use depending on the weight, shape and type of extinguisher. We use either wall hooks or metal brackets, due to the weight. Once we have secured the hooks or brackets in place, we place the fire extinguisher on the mount and turn it accordingly, so that the instructions are facing forward and are easily readable to ensure maximum safety in case of an emergency.

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