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Emergency lighting is used in the case of an unexpected power fail. These lights are designed to automatically switch on upon detection of a power outage. These light fittings include a battery pack with a 3-hour minimum battery life. To help conserve battery life, the emergency lights have 10% of the brightness of a normal light. These emergency lights are beneficial as they not only provide a reliable source of light in the case of an emergency, but they are very cheap and quick to install. However, you must charge the light for a full 24 hours to ensure that the battery is full, before testing the light to make sure that it remains on for the minimum time required.

There are 2 main types of emergency light fittings: maintained fitting and non-maintained fitting. However, many lights have the ability to perform both functions.

Maintained fitting emergency lights are a type of light that runs as normal during non-emergencies, and then reduces to 10% upon a power outage.

Non-Maintained lights are usually kept switched off, with their batteries being constantly charged, as shown by a green LED light. These lights are switched on automatically when there is a power cut within the building, using their battery supply. These lights are typically in the form of emergency exit signs, as opposed to the regular lights within the building.

Every building is legally required to own sufficient emergency lighting. Each building must be able to provide a safe, well lit escape route, at a minimum of around 60 watts. The owner must check the emergency lighting regularly to ensure maximum protection for those within the building, and the building itself. These maintenance checks only consist of light cleaning and a periodic test.

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Security & Property Services –
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  • Addressable Call Systems
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