Fire Security For Events & Venues

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Who is responsible for health and safety in a venue?

At any event or venue, the person in charge of health and safety is the event organiser. This is because the event taking place might change the logistics of any fire safety plan that you have, for example equipment might block certain routes. Therefore, an event organiser should always do a detailed risk assessment and fire safety plan to make sure that everything has been thought of. When there is no event taking place, fire safety measures should be taken by the owner of the building

How can you prevent fires at events?

The best way of preventing fires is to install proper fire safety equipment, perform regular checks, and carry out regular risk assessments. Furthermore, doing drills at regular intervals ensures that your staff know the correct procedures and location, so that they are in the best possible position to aid event goers. Fire equipment you should purchase for your venue includes fire alarms, extinguishers, and proper signage.

What are the health and safety duties of an event organiser?

The overall job in relation to health and safety for an event organiser is to ensure that overall safety is prioritised, in order to minimise any hazards, risks, injuries and fatalities. This includes:

Installing relevant health and safety equipment
Ensuring cooperation between departments to avoid safety related miscommunications
Inform all staff members of all fire safety procedures, exits and equipment
Monitor your health and safety arrangements in relation to the law
Review health and safety arrangements regularly.

What are the top safety and security risks at any event?

The top safety and security risks at any given event include crowd control, equipment safety, any minors that might be in attendance, transport/traffic/parking management, the wellbeing of staff, the need for any medical assistance on site, unpredictable weather and fire hazards. It is important to carry out a detailed risk assessment to determine which of these are the biggest factors to think about for the safety of everyone at your event, so that you can minimise all risks.


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