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Intercom Systems

An intercom system is a popular form of communications between private spaces and the outside world, allowing you to effectively determine if someone is trying to access the premises and what their intentions are. This can be important for businesses that are regularly visited by clients. We are experts in the fitment and maintenance of intercom systems, providing you with best possible service, and an effective communicative tool.

Intercom systems are designed for one purpose, to allow for conversation between locations on a site to determine what individuals visiting the site are there for. This has been built around the idea of improved security and keeping your site safe from irregular users, with minimal disruption to convenience.

Fitting an intercom system to your site entrance allows you to talk to individuals seeking entry to the site and prevents strangers from entering the property without permission. For any business or individual concerned with the security of their property, an intercom system is the obvious choice.


There are a variety of intercom systems on the market, each differing in the number of features and the method of operation. You can specify a preference for a type of intercom system, or we can help you to decide which is the best option for you to use – our expertise in the field allows us to determine what the most effective solution will be, considering efficiency and price.

Intercom systems can range from basic voice communication using a highly simple interface, or can be complex, including video feeds from wide angle cameras to determine who exactly wishes to enter your property. Regardless of which system you opt for, you will be glad you have at least some sort of security upon entry.

If you have any questions or potential concerns about an intercom system, or you wish to have one fitted, please do not hesitate to get in touch via phone or email. We will gladly help anyone that would like to know more about the systems we can fit or would like an intercom system installation.

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Here at Lancashire Fire & Security Ltd we provide a number of services which will help protect you, your family, your property or your business from fires or intruders.

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  • Supplying, installation and maintenance of fire alarm systems
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Security & Property Services –
  • Supplying, installation and maintenance of CCTV – We have been deemed a certified installer for Hikvision by Texecom
  • Intruder Alarms
  • TV Aerials



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  • Disabled refuge systems
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  • Addressable Call Systems
  • Bed exit interface sockets
  • Room status controller



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