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Fire risk assessments in Lytham St Anne’s must be taken in regular intervals to ensure maximum protection for you and those within the space you are assessing. They need to be taken when there is any reason to suspect a change since the previous assessment that may be harmful. When assessing your workspace, there are many categories that need to be looked at to make sure they aren’t a hazard.

First of all, a run down of the building that you are assessing. This includes the sole purpose of the building, the number of floors and rooms, the date of construction, the materials from which the building was made, any disabilities or mobility issues that effect the people who are regularly in the building, and the average number of people in the building at any given time, any visitors and anybody who’s first language is not English. Using a visitor book, depending on the purpose of your building, may help the guest number concerns, to ensure that you have an accurate account on all those who are inside the building.


The next thing that needs to be checked for a Fire Risk Assessment in Lytham St Anne’s is any electrical sources that may create a fire. With these electrical sources, needs to be the date of the previous service and any issues that may have been found within the product. Also, during assessment, we check what heating products are within the building and if they have started any fires previously e.g. radiators, heaters, ovens and boilers.

Another issue that needs to be checked during the fire risk assessment in Lytham St Anne’s is if smoking is prohibited within the building, and if there were any previous complications as a result of this, and if any action is already in place.

The fire exits also have to be clearly stated within your fire risk assessment in Lytham St Anne’s to see if there has been any changes, or problems with them since the last assessment. It must also be noted when the fire and/or smoke alarms were last tested, and how many times, any problem that may have occurred during this time also have to be noted.

A record of all fire prevention and safety equipment must be taken, to ensure that the building is taking the legal safety requirement needed. The equipment also has to be in service, with all the correct dates noted both on the equipment and the assessment.

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