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As a professional Fire Alarm Company in Filey we provide Fire Alarm Servicing & Installation in Filey which is essential when making sure your property is safe! Fire alarms are an important part of any room in order to ensure the safety of those inside, however, in order for the fire alarms to work, they should be serviced at least twice a year, depending on the room where they are situated. If the fire alarms are in a sizeable room, it is suggested that they should be checked every 3 months, to make sure they are functioning properly, they also should be checked to make sure that they aren’t at risk of malfunctioning an setting off false fire alarms without warning. Unwanted warnings can cause the battery within your alarm to run out quickly, compromising your safety which is why it is essential to hire qualified fire alarm companies such as ourselves.


Fire Alarm Servicing & Installation in Filey should be carried out by trained Fire Alarm Companies only to ensure maximum safety, which is why you should call Lancashire Fire & Security today. As they have many years experience in doing so. The first step in installing a fire alarm in your home is marking up the location where the alarm is going to be installed, the professionals will choose this location to provide the highest quality of safety for your home, this location should be at least 3 meters from the nearest wall, this is to stop unwanted alarms from going off from shower steam, dishwashers and any other kitchen appliances, or places where there is a large air flow.


Lancashire Fire & Security are a Fire Alarm Company based in Morecambe covering areas throughout Lancashire and Cumbria. During Fire Alarm Servicing & Installation in Filey a baseplate bracket is then used to indicate where the holes in your ceiling should be drilled to provide accuracy during installation. Depending on the material your ceiling is made out of, the holes will be drilled immediately. However, if your ceiling is made out of plaster, then we suggest adding plasterboard anchors before we drill the holes in your ceiling.

Once the screws have been secured into the ceiling, we add the baseplate. Whilst installing your Fire alarms in Filey, we add a battery to your fire alarm and attach it onto the baseplate already secured on your ceiling. Whilst installing your fire alarm, we press the test button situated on your fire alarm and check it is working. This will count as your first 6-month check up. Remember the month in which we installed your fire alarm and check again 6 months on from this.

So if you are looking for fire alarm companies in Filey you can trust get in touch today for a quote! We are professional, qualified and offer highly competitive rates.

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  • Supply, install and maintain fire alarm systems
  • Fire Extinguishers Servicing & Installation
  • Fire Equipment Servicing & Installation
  • Fire risk assessments
  • Emergency lighting
  • Automatic gas suppression systems
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  • Supply, install and maintain CCTV – We are a certified installer for hik vision
  • Intruder Alarms
  • TV Aerials
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  • Disabled refuge systems
  • Fire telephone systems
  • Accessible Toilet Alarm Kit
  • Addressable Call Systems
  • Bed exit interface sockets
  • Room status controller

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