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Protecting vital assets is crucial to any business, regardless of whether its stock for a supermarket or an IT data centre, these are fundamental to the day to day running of businesses everywhere. When it comes to preventing and containing a fire, there are various options available to companies looking to prevent major loss. An automatic gas suppression system in Hereford

is one of the many ways to manage a potential fire, being the most useful for IT applications such as server rooms and data centres due to these being sensitive components where data loss is unacceptable, therefore unsuitable for water suppression systems.

There are two main types of gases used in an automatic gas suppression system’s in Hereford, where either can be chosen depending on the application. If the room is occupied regularly by people, an inert gas system using IG541 Inergen or IG55 Argonite is preferable, even though it reduces the oxygen concentration, these levels are life sustainable causing no negative effects on a person nearby. Secondly there is a clean chemical gas system which uses either FM200 or Novec 1230 which are safe for the environment unlike the Halon they replaced. These systems absorb the heat instead of reducing the oxygen to suppress a fire, also useful for electrical applications.

When it comes to choosing a system to install, ensure that it complies with the BSEN 15004-1 standard otherwise it may not provide the performance required. Once installed, an automatic gas suppression system in Hereford has to be tested for safety purposes every 10 years, in order to comply with BS EN 1968:2002 legislation. As well as this, the room the system is in has to be subjected to an integrity test to determine whether the gas can escape, rendering the system less useful.

An automatic gas suppression system in Hereford has an excellent safety record when installed to fire safety codes due to integration with other fire evacuation systems such as automatic alarms and additional life safety systems. Suffocation from a non-inert automatic gas suppression system is extremely unlikely with very few recorded incidents and if human protection is in mind, the inert systems are available for installation. When it comes to keeping sensitive assets intact should a fire occur, installing an automatic gas suppression system is a reliable way to prepare for such a use case, with a proven track record and the ability to prevent substantial data loss for electrical applications.

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